Programs we offer:
The Power Source Advantage
Male instructor helping woman in gym

At Power Source, we have built our unique athletic development program on three things.


We continually track the progress of our athletes to determine whether our workouts are building strength and speed while lowering injury risk.

Because this has forced us to constantly confront areas where our kids weren’t progressing as quickly as we wished, we have continually refined our program to get our kids more out of each session than they ever would on their own.


Most of our clients are just starting to learn how to exercise correctly. Of course we want to teach them proper technique, but we greatly value having our kids learn to set and attain goals, pay attention to detail, and fight through challenges.

These are not only critical for athletic success, but for success in everything they’ll want to accomplish in their lives.


We want you to feel valued when you train with us. We work hard to make Power Source a place not only where dreams are achieved, but where every person feels like a part of something meaningful every time they walk through the door.

This is our secret recipe for success. It has been the core of what we do for almost 17 years, and will continue to be for as long as we are fortunate enough to train great people.