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Power Source Training Center

At Power Source Training Center, you can take on the most comprehensive sports performance, fitness, and weight loss strategies in town. We are proud to provide Leominster with professional coaching and unwavering support on your path to sustainable success. Whether you're an inactive adult just looking for a new way to stay in shape or you're an athlete that is hoping to improve your performance on the field, we've got you covered.

Our fitness programs are tailored to your unique skill set and priorities. We're working hard to help you get the most out of every workout and enjoy the results that come with it.

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I want to say that I have been so impressed by the way you run Powersource and the immediate impact you made with Alex's performance. I could not give a higher recommendation for you and Powersource to anyone looking to take their fitness, speed and on field performance to the next level. I only wish we had anything even remotely close to your business here in Raleigh.

Power Source Training Center Neal Darcy, Father of Elite HS Girls Soccer Player

Neal Darcy, Father of Elite HS Girls Soccer Player

We started to hear about Power Source so we decided to check it out during their off season to keep them in shape. I assumed they would last a few months and they would be all set with it but just hit a year this month and they are still going strong. I have seen a huge improvement in the boys this past year. They are definitely stronger but more importantly I have seen a huge confidence boost in them especially in my older son.

My boys have the upmost respect for all the trainers there and truly care how they are seen in each of the trainer’s eyes. There has never been a time that I have had to convince my boys that they need to go there. They absolutely love it!

Power Source Training Center Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer Jackson

Right from the first day, Coach Jim was so inviting. Most kids do not look forward to working out, but he changed that for me. He cracks jokes and can be funny but is also coaching you so you improve your skills since that is what we are really here for. I enjoy joking with Coach Jim, telling stories to lighten up the atmosphere, and making fun of his Philadelphia Eagles!

The workout part of the program involves all types of different training. It’s not repetitive like going to a gym. We do drills that really make you want to improve without even knowing it, like trying to hit the ceiling with a medicine ball.

It’s not just bench pressing and running, so the training is not boring. That’s another thing about the program, our workouts change all the time. Coach Jim gives you exercises to develop what you need to work on, like upper body strength or speed. Between the variety, the fun, and the improvement working out with Coach Jim is something kids look forward to.

Power Source Training Center Noah T.

Noah T.

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