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  • 6 Random Thoughts On Training, Nutrition & More

    A few scattered thoughts pertaining to success in athletics and general well-being for you on a Sunday where (for most of you) your New England Patriots are about to battle my Philadelphia Eagles... - With performance training it is important to remember that all development is incremental, and thus takes a prolonged period of time to truly make an impact on your overall athletic future. Think of it like the stock market, there are times where prices increase dramatically and others where it sort of just meanders for awhile, but you need to stay in the game over the long-term to reap the full benefits. The ones who stick with it when everyone else bails are the ones who get the ....

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  • Tri-Planar Movement Training

    Tri-Planar Movement Training

    Training like a bodybuilder and training like an athlete are not the same. Sure, there is overlap in certain areas. Getting stronger is valuable for both groups, and athletes want to build muscle to some degree just like bodybuilders (how much is dependent on your sport, position, and current physical condition). Even certain exercises work well for both, with squatting, pressing and deadlifting movements being by far the most common. But the similarities end there. Velocity-based training, minimizing isolation movements, set and rep schemes, and the variety of exercises needed to excel is very different for a bodybuilder than it is for a serious athlete. And one of the greatest ....

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  • Warm Up Correction:  Heel Kicks

    Warm Up Correction: Heel Kicks

    Just about every kid who plays sports knows what a heel kick, or butt kick, warm up drill is. And yet nearly 100% of them do it incorrectly. It is unfortunate, because one simple change can take it from a really bad to a very useful corrective sprint exercise.

    Sprinters are at their fastest when they can get their back side leg to snap forward through the most efficient path, and as we all learned in school the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. When watching someone sprint, you want to see their back-side foot snap in front of the body in as close to a straight line path as possible once it leaves the ground. This means that as the ....

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  • How Often Kids Should Train?

    How Often Kids Should Train?

    One of the more common questions we get here from parents is "How often should my child work out?" Kids whoplay sports are already quite busy, so adding workouts on top of that schedule can be tricky. There is of course the practical side for families, as in how often they can actually get to a training facility within the parameters of work and other commitments. But from the training side, there are factors that can help you to understand what is the right amount for your situation. It really boils down to these five factors:
    How Old Is Your Child?

    For actual speed and strength training, the age of the athlete is critical to understanding how often to train. Forthose ages ....

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  • Kylee's Kare Kits Food Drive

    Kylee's Kare Kits Food Drive

    For the last 5 years our Power Source community has made a significant donation to Kylee's Kare Kits for Kids, a local non-profit that is run by local kids to benefit in-need kids within our own Central Mass communities. If you have not heard of them and want to learn more about what they do, please check their website and Facebook page: Starting this Monday, October 14th we will spend the next month working to collect food items and raise funds for their cause. If you are interested in contributing in some way, we've got a variety of options for you.

    Option #1 - ....

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  • Overcoming Shin Splints

    Overcoming Shin Splints

    Any athlete who has battled shin splints can tell you how frustrating and limiting they can be. Once they set in, it can take weeks or in some cases months before they are fully overcome. With sports seasons lasting usually about 3 months, this can negatively impact your play for most or all of a season. Your best remedy for shin splints is to never get them in the first place! Some athletes are more at risk for getting them due to a few underlying factors. Once you identify the cause, finding a solution becomes much, much easier. Here are the most likely causes of your shin splint problems:
    Heel Strike Landings

    To put it simply, this means that when you run at higher speeds it ....

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  • LTAD - Part 3

    LTAD - Part 3

    We often get asked how old someone can be to train in our athletic development program. Within the context of our specific program, there are some ages that fit better than others. However, total athletic development begins at birth, and continues until you are no longer interested in becoming a better athlete. This could last until the end of high school, college, or even your entire lifetime! Of course, how you develop athleticism looks different at various stages of life. What a 5 year old should do to optimize improvement is obviously not the same thing a 15 year old would do. Not as obvious, perhaps, is that the 15 year old also shouldn't be training like a 25 year old either. ....

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  • LTAD - Part 2

    LTAD - Part 2

    Parents, coaches and trainers want to see their kids succeed. In 20+ years of coaching I don't think I've ever run across one that hasn't. So why do we have such a screwed up athletic development model which is churning out too many injured kids, and too many who lose their passion for the sport they once loved at such young ages? Once you open the box of year-round competitive schedules in sports, as it is now, it becomes very hard to close it. This is unlikely to change. And the reality that only so many kids can play at once means some will get left behind at times. But there are real, practical solutions to improving the system for our kids in just about every sport out there ....

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  • Long Term Athletic Development-Part 1

    Long Term Athletic Development-Part 1

    More time and money is spent in the U.S. on youth sports today than at any other point in our history. All in the hope that we can develop better athletes. For you personally, it means seeing your child maximizing their untapped potential. And yet for all the resources that are being poured into youth sports, we have yet to implement a clear blueprint on how to best develop a young athlete's physical abilities. Sports organizations and even entire countries have done extensive research on the topic, however, and there are some excellent answers out there. At the end of this month-long article series, it is my hope that you will:
    Know exactly what Long Term Athletic Development ....

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  • Breakfast Veggies = Better Health & Grades?

    Breakfast Veggies = Better Health & Grades?

    Working primarily with middle and high school athletes, it is sometimes fun to quiz the group about what they had for breakfast. Overwhelmingly I've found the most common answers over the years to be - nothing, cereal, or something in the bagel/muffin/waffle/pancake/toast spectrum. Either eating nothing or eating only sugar-based products is not optimal. In fact you actually might be better skipping the meal altogether instead of starting the day on a blood sugar rollercoaster. More and more research is coming out that promotes adding protein-rich foods to your breakfast, something we've advocated in our blog posts many times before. But what about vegetables at breakfast?
    Added ....

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