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  • Speed Training Blueprint - Part 3 of 4

    Speed Training Blueprint - Part 3 of 4

    Here in the 3rd installment of our Speed Training Blueprint, we'll cover some of the best ways athletes can develop speed on their own. In case you missed the first 2 parts of this series, you can go back and check them out here: Part 1 - Part 2 - Today, we want to focus on habits that athletes can do on a regular basis to raise their speed and agility potential. Just like we've seen our best hockey players shoot thousands of pucks on their own time, soccer players endlessly dribble in their yard (or in the house!), golfers hit shots in ....

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  • Speed Training Blueprint - Part 2 of 4

    Speed Training Blueprint - Part 2 of 4

    In the first part of this (now 4 part) series, we discussed the common misconceptions surrounding speed development. If you missed that, you can check it out here . This section will build the case that speed can be improved by breaking down all the elements that go into being a truly fast athlete. Those elements are:
    Total-body strength in relation to body mass
    Explosive power
    Core and hip stability
    Ankle Rigidity
    Proper sprinting and cutting mechanics Improvement in any of the following areas can lead to gains in speed. Developing all six areas, which a well-designed athletic development program should do for you, can lead to transformational change in time. So let's ....

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  • Speed Training Blueprint -  Part 1 of 4

    Speed Training Blueprint - Part 1 of 4

    This post is the start of a 5 part series on developing elite speed for sports. It is a skill that is highly coveted by coaches and scouts. We've all seen that more playing time, better scholarships and bigger contracts are given to players who are faster than their peers. And yet you see so few people focusing on it with their training. Athletes either just play their sport, lift, stretch, go for distance runs, or some combination of the above. I believe a big reason it isn't worked on often enough is because there are a series of myths surrounding speed development that cause most people to think it's a waste of time. Let's briefly look at each to understand why they may not be a ....

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  • Why Athletes Should Begin With The End In Mind

    Why Athletes Should Begin With The End In Mind

    Author Steven Covey coined the phrase 'Begin with the end in mind' in his legendary book, 'The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People'. He suggested picturing your last day on Earth, and what it is you'd like people to remember for having done with your life. Then, go out and dedicate your life to achieving exactly that. This makes it easier to make good decisions on a daily basis, and it gives you motivation knowing that these daily acts are taking you one step towards where you ultimately want to end up. Taken to the world of athletic development, beginning with the end in mind will help you to follow more purposeful workouts and provide motivation in helping you see exactly what your ....

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  • Free Functional Mobility Clinic for Adults

    Free Functional Mobility Clinic for Adults

    As we spend so much of our time and energy training athletes, it is exciting to say we have a free clinic upcoming that specifically targets the needs of the parents of our athletes and any other adults interested in eliminating nagging pain. Our new adult fitness coach, Lindy Hume, will run a free 45 minute mobility clinic on Monday, May 6th at 9:00 AM
    here at our Leominster facility. This class will cover a new and very unique training concept - going beyond just flexibility by using strength in the end ranges of your joint motion to build true, effective mobility? Another way to think of it is Pilates 2.0, something that can truly do wonders for pain you thought you'd be living ....

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  • Why You Need Mobility, Not Flexibility

    Why You Need Mobility, Not Flexibility

    There is debate today as to whether stretching has any benefit to our overall health and athletic performance. Current research studies come to mixed conclusions. World-class Kenyan distance runners never stretch, and many elite distance running coaches feel that stretching causes more injuries than it prevents. Yet stretching persists in the warm ups of most sports practices and workout programs, with many physical therapists strongly advocating for its benefits. So what gives? Perhaps the answer lies in understanding the difference between two similar terms - flexibility and mobility. Flexibility measures your passive range of motion, meaning how far a muscle can stretch without ....

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  • Should You Be Working Out In-Season?

    Should You Be Working Out In-Season?

    Now that strength training programs are commonly done for athletes in all sports these days, the challenge of what to do for training during the sports season often times must be determined. To be honest, there is no easy answer to this. There are a range of reasons why it is beneficial, but done incorrectly it can raise the risk of injury and exhaustion for many kids. In fact, the continued rise in drop out rates and sports-related injuries may be in part coming from improper training during the season. Each case is a bit different, so to help you make the best decision for your child or team, here is a list of some pros and cons for in-season workouts geared towards middle school and ....

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  • New! Drop In Speed & Agility Classes

    New! Drop In Speed & Agility Classes

    Starting April 6th, Power Source will adapt our weekend schedule to run separate 45-minute Speed & Agility clinics for both Middle School & High School athletes throughout the spring. There is no commitment to attend anything other than the single session, and it is open to both members and non-members alike. Classes will focus on the following:
    Enhancing both acceleration and top speed mechanics, using video analysis and simple but effective technique training. MOST IMPORTANT FOR: Baseball/Softball/Football/Lacrosse/Track (short distance/jumps)/Field Hockey/Soccer

    Teaching safer & faster cutting skills MOST IMPORTANT FOR: Football/Lacrosse/Ice ....

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  • Simple Training Tip For Baseball Pitchers

    Simple Training Tip For Baseball Pitchers

    As the sports landscape continues to gravitate towards developing bigger, faster, and more powerful athletes, occasionally some older ideas get tossed to the side that still play a big role in success. For athletes who need to throw for accuracy, most notably baseball pitchers, one of those neglected skills is being able to balance on one leg. The pitching motion, as you can see in this video , puts you in a single leg balance position for most of the movement. An elite pitcher who has great control is the one who can repeat the exact same movements in their delivery just about every single time they throw a pitch. And what about the pitcher who struggles to balance on one leg? ....

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  • Why Heel Striking When Sprinting Is A Serious Problem For Athletes

    Why Heel Striking When Sprinting Is A Serious Problem For Athletes

    One of the more common sprinting errors we see in athletes who post slower sprint times is the habit of landing on their heels when they hit top speed. To a parent watching their child in the stands, this can be seen rather easily and quite clearly does not look fast or athletic. But why exactly is this an issue? And can it be corrected?
    Problems Stemming From Heel-Striking At Top Speed
    The issue is three-fold: 1. It requires more energy to sprint, dipping into your conditioning reserves 2. It redistributes forces into the wrong muscles/joints, raising the risk of injury 3. It leaves you on the ground for too long, causing you to run slower A heel-strike landing has your foot ....

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