Single-Day Speed Clinics

True champions are always looking to improve.

Every day represents an opportunity to develop some part of your game so you're better tomorrow than you are today.

For those kids in the Leominster area who are busy with sports this Spring, but occasionally have time to get a short workout in, Power Source is running one-day Speed & Agility Clinics for athletes ages 10-14, and 14-19.

These clinics revolve around 4 key areas:

  • Developing the right approach to becoming faster
  • Improving sprint mechanics
  • Discovering how to change direction safely & more effectively (FACT: Most non-contact injuries come while cutting)
  • Improving skills to become a better defender

These clinics work best for kids in these sports:

  • Basketball
  • Soccer 
  • Lacrosse 
  • Baseball 
  • Softball 
  • Football 
  • Field Hockey

Saturday & Sunday class times are available throughout April and May.

One day can't turn you into a superstar, but you can learn a critical skill or two that can make you better tomorrow than you are today.

If your child has that superstar mindset, we are excited and ready to help them take that next step! Click below to get started!

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