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Youth Personal Training near Leominster

I initially signed my children up for Power Source because I thought individualized workouts would help them perform better in hockey.  I also wanted them to recognize at an early age that physical activity is very important not only for strength and endurance, but overall mental and physical health.

My expectations have been exceeded over the past 6 years! My children enjoy their workouts &  strive to get better at each exercise every time they go.  They each keep their handwritten notes of encouragement from the coaches give them that challenge them to meet their goals.  I am amazed at their level of strength, balance, and speed that they have achieved.  Power Source has been a truly rewarding experience for my kids, both on the ice and off.

Julie Eichmann

Youth Personal Training near Leominster

When I first signed my son up for Power Source it was to help him get in shape. He played sports year round but didn’t have the core strength and aerobic fitness that he wanted to improve in his sports..  

Both my expectations and my son’s have exceeded anything we thought we would get out of going to a youth fitness program.  The workouts are great, constantly changing to challenge him.  

But it’s the personal connection that makes this place special. 3 years later, my son still looks forward to going multiple times a week!  His improved fitness level and gameplay shows that the program is working.

I think that Powersource has given Jackson the tools to feel more confident - the confidence can be seen in his sports, but he has also learned to value being the hardest worker in the room…a quality that I want him to have in all parts of his life.

Jen Leider

Personal Training Leominster

I want to say that I have been so impressed by the way you run Powersource and the immediate impact you made with Alex's performance. I could not give a higher recommendation for you and Powersource to anyone looking to take their fitness, speed and on field performance to the next level. I only wish we had anything even remotely close to your business here in Raleigh.

Neal Darcy, Father of Elite HS Girls Soccer Player

I took a few adult class sessions, and highly recommended them. The HIIT training sessions helped improved my cardio in a short time for rugby. Jim and Akhiel are awesome trainers that will help you achieved your fitness goals.

Gary Inthirath

My son wanted to gain muscle and work on his weak areas so he could be a better hockey player. One of his teammates had great results with Power Source so we gave it a try. Best decision ever! In the past few months, we’ve seen a big improvement in his strength and even other parents have commented on his skating strength. We have also seen an improvement in his confidence. I highly recommend checking out Power Source to help your athlete improve in every area of their sport.

Tina Dale

Varied workouts by knowledgeable coaches in a very non-intimidating atmosphere.  They even make it, dare I say, fun!

Andrea Pena

Personal Training Leominster

We started to hear about Power Source so we decided to check it out during their off season to keep them in shape. I assumed they would last a few months and they would be all set with it but just hit a year this month and they are still going strong. I have seen a huge improvement in the boys this past year. They are definitely stronger but more importantly I have seen a huge confidence boost in them especially in my older son.

My boys have the upmost respect for all the trainers there and truly care how they are seen in each of the trainer’s eyes. There has never been a time that I have had to convince my boys that they need to go there. They absolutely love it!

Jennifer Jackson

Personal Training Leominster

Right from the first day, Coach Jim was so inviting. Most kids do not look forward to working out, but he changed that for me. He cracks jokes and can be funny but is also coaching you so you improve your skills since that is what we are really here for. I enjoy joking with Coach Jim, telling stories to lighten up the atmosphere, and making fun of his Philadelphia Eagles!

The workout part of the program involves all types of different training. It’s not repetitive like going to a gym. We do drills that really make you want to improve without even knowing it, like trying to hit the ceiling with a medicine ball.

It’s not just bench pressing and running, so the training is not boring. That’s another thing about the program, our workouts change all the time. Coach Jim gives you exercises to develop what you need to work on, like upper body strength or speed. Between the variety, the fun, and the improvement working out with Coach Jim is something kids look forward to.

Noah T.

Personal Training Leominster

We all were looking for a structured way to prepare us for our various sports seasons and to be healthier.

Power Source has helped us improve our strength, stamina and flexibility targeted to our individual sports, while keeping us on the playing field through multiple drills designed for our specific sports.

We like the small group sizes, the interesting drills and the fun instructors that motivate us. The instructors are always willing to have interesting conversations while keeping you at a productive pace.

We now have the confidence to compete at a high level. Our new athletic abilities have helped us to succeed in making the teams that we strived for.

David, Danny, Mikayla and Bella P

Personal Training Leominster

Thank you Power Source and thank you Jim Herrick for getting me so ready for my season!

Diego Fagundez

Personal Training Leominster

Since I was a teenager, Jim has been custom designing elite speed, strength, mass, and power workouts to match my sport-specific needs. No other strength & conditioning coach has a better program, or a better price.

Stevie Moses

Personal Training Leominster

The drills in Jim’s program helped my balance, coordination, speed and power. With the guidance he provided and my commitment to the program, it helped me earn a Division I college football scholarship.

Ryan Durand, Offensive Lineman Tennessee Titans (NFL)

Personal Training Leominster

Working with Jim Herrick for three years helped me excel and reach my hockey goals*. He knows all aspects of training, from the power side to speed and agility.

Keith Yandle, All-Star defenseman New York Rangers (NHL)

Personal Training Leominster

I have definitely noticed improvement in foot speed in all the boys, which has directly translated into better defensive positioning as they shut down players driving to the basket, and provide better help defense. Their increased upper body strength has also led to more rebounds and loose ball possessions*.

And not only is it a good team bonding exercise, but they’re having a blast!

We’re talking about 12 and 13 year old boys who look forward to the weekend so they can sleep in…yet every Saturday morning for months we’ve had 10 to 11 boys ready for their workout bright and early. Not one parent has had any problems dragging their kids to Power Source. And in fact, its probably been just the opposite with kids pushing parents so they won’t be late. I guess that alone is a testament to the success of the program.

And when the boys are walking out of the building with big smiles, joking about who won the last competition, and not really thinking about how hard they just pushed themselves…WOW! Getting kids at such young ages, looking forward to working out and staying healthy…that’s just great stuff!

Tom Allain

Personal Training Leominster

My son had an unusual injury this year with his shoulder. He was worried that he would not be able to continue with the program and get ready for the upcoming football season. That was not the case. My wife and I explained the situation to Jim and he was more than accommodating with his training to go hand and hand with his physical therapist. Thanks to the program “J” is ready for the season and in camp right now.

Both of my kids are more committed now to working out and doing it correctly. I feel that the program stresses to the person training that there is a correct way of working out and an incorrect way. I am confident that no matter where my two kids train – at school, home, or the gym – they will use the program and techniques from Power Source and get the most from that work out.

And when you can get an 11 and 14 year old out of bed in the summer at 6:00 AM to work out, you know they’re getting something out of it and enjoying it!

I would recommend this program to all athletes to get the most out of what sport you are in. I would like to thank Jim again for his commitment and time to the kids and the program.

Chris Valliere

Personal Training Leominster

Power Source has helped me with a lot of things with my favorite sport, football. Jim helped me improve my speed and agility, helped me get stronger and also taught me how important it is to keep a strong body. Being in this program also helped me improve my confidence and make new friends. Joining Power Source is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Brandon J.

Personal Training Leominster

I was very pleased with my son’s enthusiasm for the program right from the first moment. The coaching was positive and individualized, and workouts were informative, but most importantly for a young athlete, fun.

My son received a lot of insightful feedback on his athleticism and his mindset toward physical endeavors. He felt appropriately challenged physically and mentally, and finished the program with the confidence and desire to continue conditioning work on his own. I frequently catch him teaching the games he learned at Power Source to his friends because he had such a great time!

Carrie Duff

We chose this program because of Jim Herrick. Jim is wonderful with the kids and my boys just think he’s awesome. He’s a true role model and the kids look up to him.

As a parent, I was very impressed with this program. My sons were both part of the summer program and enjoyed it. They always looked forward to going, and even practiced at home what they learned at training. My boys are learning how important it is to be healthy and physically fit in order to play sports.

I would recommend this program to everyone I know who has kids. Staying healthy and physically fit is the key to a happier lifestyle.

MJ Allain

Personal Training Leominster

My little athletes absolutely love this place!!! Professional, Extremely Knowledgeable and the Perfect place to bring your Athlete/Athletes to the NEXT LEVEL.

Sarah W.

Personal Training Leominster

Great fitness coaching! My daughter comes here and loves it! The staff is freindly and supportive

Heather D.

Personal Training Leominster

I joined 3 1/2 years ago. 67 pounds later I am at my high school weight and the first great-grandmother that Jim has trained. I love, love, love this facility. The workouts are an overall conditioning experience and modified to fit your abilities- unlike cross-fit. The trainers are exceptional. I am addicted - it's the best decision I've ever made.

Linda D.

Personal Training Leominster

Love, love, love this training center. My two teenage boys are constantly motivated by Jim and the other trainers. They keep things fun, safe, challenging, and ever changing. Can't say enough positives about their philosophy, knowledge, and attention to each athlete. Jim runs a top notch facility!!

Linda K.

Personal Training Leominster

Jimmy is the absolute best!! Sent my oldest son to and now number 2. The youngest will be next!

Jesse K.

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