Hannah May, Fitness Instructor

Personal Training near Leominster

Hannah May

Hannah is the owner of “SoulFit”, a comprehensive fitness and wellness business that she proudly began in 2011. She recently joined our team, in addition to running her own successful local health practice. Hannah brings an integrated mind-body-spirit based approach to her personal training. As a previous collegiate athlete and a well-rounded holistic health professional, she implements cutting edge fitness techniques with unique and valuable natural health modalities to create optimal wellness plans for her clients. Her goal is to guide each client back to their innate health, optimal functioning and most fulfilling life, no matter where they currently are.

Hannah’s Service Specialties:

- Private Personal Training for kids, teens or adults

- Small Group Adult Personal Training

- Personal Training for Learning Disabilities

- Nutrition Programs for Weight Loss, Lifestyle and Optimal Health

- Wellness Plans Utilizing Herbs and Natural Remedies for Dis-ease and Illness via Nutrition Response Muscle Testing Sessions

- Organic whole-food and Herbal Detoxification Programs

- Mindfulness and Mind-Body-Spirit Health Sessions

- Massage Therapy

- Touch for Health and Applied Kinesiology

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Personal Training near Leominster

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