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  • Best Ways To Train At Home

    Best Ways To Train At Home

    To say we are currently in less than ideal circumstances would be an understatement. However, that doesn't mean we cannot adapt and grow in new ways. That's what we humans do. For an athlete who had been working hard to improve in their sport, gone right now are the team practices, the workout sessions at the gym, the games, and everything else you were traveling to. That's the bad news. The good news is all of your competition is in the same boat, and to get a step up on them all you have to do is get more done than they are. There are levels to what you can do at home that range from doing nothing up to having everything you need to stay right on track. We've organized those levels ....

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  • 4 Ways To Keep Moving Forward, Even While Home

    We're one week into a life-altering situation that none of us have ever experienced before. I am hopeful that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe thus far. Today I'd like to simply pass along a message to everyone we work with at Power Source, youth and adult athletes alike. Keep making yourself better. I know how hard that can be with an endless series of disruptions to your routines, missing out on events you enjoy, and with the stress and anxiety that comes with it all. But sooner or later this will pass. Unless you are a healthcare professional, are caring for a sick loved one, or are in some way working on finding a cure for the virus, you might be struggling to find ....

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  • NEW!  Elite Strength, Speed & Conditioning Class for High School & College Athletes

    NEW! Elite Strength, Speed & Conditioning Class for High School & College Athletes

    The most productive workout environments are a combination of both science and culture. Training programs that use the best exercises and training methods deliver on the science side. There are right ways and wrong ways to train, for sure, and you always want to use methods that get you the best results for the time and energy you put in. However, the environment in which you train is just as important. You need to be surrounded by other hard working people who are positive, supportive and energetic. Deliver on one of these and you’ll almost certainly improve. Do it on both, though, and you have the perfect recipe for elite athletic ....

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  • This Is Exactly How Training Makes Kids More Confident

    This Is Exactly How Training Makes Kids More Confident

    Other than "Can you make my kid faster?", the number one request we get from parents who inquire about our program is "I want to see my child build self-confidence." Self-confidence itself is kind of this vague, hard to quantify trait that someone either supposedly has or doesn't have. In that light, it would seem to be hard to map out a plan for building it because the actual destination is difficult to pinpoint. Except it isn't hard at all. Building self-confidence is a stunningly simple to understand process. All you have to do is this - take on a challenge that you aren't sure you'll overcome and work hard until you succeed, even if if it doesn't happen right away, Actually, ....

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  • 3 Dangers Of Bodybuilding Workouts For Athletes

    3 Dangers Of Bodybuilding Workouts For Athletes

    A workout is a workout, right? So long as you're lifting weights, no matter what you do, you get stronger. Right? In a general sense that is true, but if I'm an athlete who wants to perform at a high level there are ways to train that lead to far better results than others. And number one on the 'Probably not the best idea' list would be bodybuilding-style workouts. For communication purposes, in this piece we'll define bodybuilding-style workouts as one that breaks workouts down by body part (back and bicep days, chest and tricep days, etc), involves higher volume and a good amount of isolation exercises like bicep curls, leg extension, tricep extensions and so forth. Although ....

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  • Lessons For Athletes From Kobe Bryant

    I'll be honest with you, until this week I was never a big Kobe Bryant fan. However, the stories that have come out regarding the way he selflessly gave his time to help and encourage so many other people - family, basketball players and fans - has changed my view. Most notably, the way he has mentored so many young basketball players and worked to teach them not just the game of basketball, but how to approach the mental side was what stood out most. We can't re-create that experience here for your child, but we all can learn from a few of his more memorable quotes over the years. Here are a few that jumped out to me as being extremely valuable for younger athletes to ....

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  • Free 3 Month Team Training Application

    Free 3 Month Team Training Application

    Over the last few months we have been working behind the scenes to develop an online platform for programming workouts and storing workout results. Now it's time to take it for a test drive! Power Source is looking for one team that is highly motivated to train hard and get superior results as a group this spring or summer to work in our new and improved Off-Season Team Training program. Teams from any sport are eligible to apply. It would likely work best for high school age athletes, but may also fit well with a hard-working 7th or 8th grade-age team too. Both school-affiliated teams and AAU/Club programs are eligible. I can get into more of the specifics if you want to reach out to ....

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  • Should Athletes Emphasize Velocity-Based Training?

    Should Athletes Emphasize Velocity-Based Training?

    Velocity-based training (VBT) is a relatively new term in strength & conditioning, but the concept itself is definitely not new. Medicine ball throws, reactive plyometric jumps, Olympic Lifts and other similar exercises have been around for a long time. What has changed is technology. Today, there are a growing number of tools and apps that measure the speed of your lifts and other sport skills. You see them used in college and pro training programs on a fairly regular basis now. This ties right into the way athletes are evaluated at the highest levels. You see an emphasis on exit velocity in baseball, hockey slap shots and tennis serves measured in miles per hour, plus numerous ....

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  • 5 Nutrition Tips I Was Wrong About

    5 Nutrition Tips I Was Wrong About

    As we get older, we tend to see the mistakes of our younger years a bit more clearly. And nutrition advice from fitness & health professionals tends to declare each new finding a 'total breakthrough' that is likely the cause of all your extra weight, low energy and other various ailments despite having incomplete information from which to draw that conclusion. Put those two things together, and you're going to have a lot of mistakes to own up to. Just like anyone else, my beliefs on what you should and shouldn't focus on when trying to eat healthier has evolved over time. With hindsight, I can see many things that I preached to athletes of all ages that, if I could take it back ....

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  • Ancient Nutrition Secrets That Can Help You Today

    Ancient Nutrition Secrets That Can Help You Today

    I'm very much of the belief that the greatest contributor to our nation's health problems comes from the way we've changed our dietary habits over the last 50+ years. Looking at the popularity of the Paleo diet, intermittent fasting, and other 'back to basics' nutritional trends, this viewpoint is likely a fairly popular one now. Lots of these newer trends find their roots in the oldest of human civilizations - the Chinese Taoist beliefs that stretch back roughly 5,000 years. It is a culture that has looked for ways to enhance health and longevity throughout that time. Because of that, there just might be a few more valuable tips for you that they uncovered many years ago, but have ....

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