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  • Are You Forgetting This Key Part Of Your Speed & Conditioning Training?

    Think back to the last sporting event you watched. It could have been one of your kid's games, a college game, or even the pros. What percentage of the time do you think any given player was moving at 100% speed? What percent of the time did they stand still, walk or move at a jogging pace? Unless you were watching baseball, softball, or a linemen in football, I'll bet the two numbers you picked weren't close to adding up to 100%. In sports like ice hockey, field hockey, lacrosse, and soccer, just to name a few, there is a third category of movement that can best be described as 'cruising speed'. Cruising speed is fast movement, but not all out effort. It's not sprinting, ....

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  • Why Aren't You Testing Like The Pros?

    The pro sports industry generates $400 billion annually worldwide. Not million. Billion. And because the most successful teams have better attended games, higher merchandise sales, and receive extra revenue from hosting playoff games, there is a lot to gain by becoming a winning franchise. That in large part stems from bringing in the best players. Every sports fan knows that teams who draft well are better positioned to win titles. Before each draft, pro sports leagues now run combines to learn as much as possible about each player's talents. Many of the tests for speed, power, and strength I'm sure you seen or heard of: Vertical jumps Broad jumps 40 or 60 ....

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  • The Cave You Fear To Enter Holds The Treasure You Seek

    That quote, " The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek ", is often attributed to 20th century author Joseph Campbell. Campbell was not renowned for his interest in sports performance training, at least to my knowledge, but his famous quote couldn't fit the description of what we do any better. In fact, it perfectly describes it at two key points on an athlete's journey. After having had the chance to speak to dozens of parents and their kids at an event this past weekend, the overwhelming trend was that parents perked up when they heard there was a program that could help their kid play better and lower their injury risk. Almost every kid, upon hearing this, had a ....

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  • Can You Become An Elite Athlete Without Real Core Strength?

    Way back in the late 1990's i was working as the strength coach for the St. Bernard's football program. One day, like most days back then, the weight room was full of big, strong kids lifting heavy weights after school. In came the athletic director, Bernie LeClair, who got everyone's attention and asked if they could do a pushup like him. He proceeded to lay flat on his stomach, extended his arms out fully in front of him, and pressed himself up to to the top position. This continued for rep after rep. Our players, not wanting to be shown up by a man in his 50's (and one who was a teacher at their school, too), each got down to try it. Not one player on our team could do a ....

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  • Does Squatting Heavy Weight Make You Faster?

    Athletes & coaches have known for a long time that strength training can lead to speed gains. It doesn't translate for everyone, though. The difference lies in whether you are doing the right exercises for your current needs, and how you perform them. Take squatting, for example. It is an exercise that strengthens your quadriceps and core. To also effectively develop your hamstring and glute muscles, you must squat down to a depth where your thigh is parallel to the ground. They gain little benefit from a 1/2 depth squat. When sprinting, we are always limited by how strong and powerful our hamstring and glute muscles are. They are pushed to 100% ....

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  • Why You Want To Find A Great Workout Partner

    During one of our youth classes this week, I caught one kid calling out his buddy for not working fast enough to get to one of his more difficult exercises. The friend, in return, pointed out that he too did not get to a drill he didn't like. Within that simple back and forth there is a powerful message for athletes who want to train with their friends. The two key ingredients that create a great workout session are focus and pushing your limits. Friends can influence both, for better or worse. On the focus side, friends or teammates typically only interfere with focus. It is hard to separate the social side from the extreme focus necessary to learn, to develop the ....

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  • Introducing Power Source Speed School

    Introducing Power Source Speed School

    One of the more positive changes in how athletic development is perceived these days is an acknowledgement that you actually can train to be faster. We see this in our program, as we continue to get more and more requests for speed training, especially this time of year as the warmer weather approaches. This is a great sign! We all know that playing faster can open up all kinds of doors for a young athlete. More playing time. More success when you're out there. And maybe even some exciting opportunities to play at the next level of your sport. Because of this, despite the fact we already dedicate 30 minutes of our regular classes to speed, we wanted to have a separate ....

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  • The Undeniable Rules You Must Follow To Be Great At Anything

    You have likely heard of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the most famous musicians in history. His legend began at 7 years old, as he toured Europe playing a variety of instruments at an advanced level. The secret of his success, according to his father, was that he had 'perfect pitch', meaning he could immediately identify any note played on just about any instrument. Surely this was a gift he was born with, right? In 2014, Japanese psychologist Ayako Sakakibara tried to replicate this feat by trying to teach 24 kids, ages two to six, the ability to demonstrate perfect pitch just like Mozart. Less than two years later, every single one of those 24 kids had developed perfect ....

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  • How Imagery Makes You A More Successful Athlete

    Julianne Eppley, one of our Power Source coaches, has received a Masters degree in Sports Psychology. One of the topics Julianne studied that she feels would be beneficial for all athletes is the use of imagery. The following comes from Coach Julianne. Michael Phelps, Lindsey Vonn, Larry Bird, Phil Mickelson - what do all of these people have in common? Aside from being highly successful professional athletes, they all utilize mental skills training, specifically imagery, in their practice. While physical practice is important, mental preparation is what gives athletes a leg up on their competition. Imagery is defined by Vealy & Forlenza as, “...using ....

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  • A Guaranteed Way To Build Confidence

    Confidence is best built through experience and success. With all else being equal, an experienced trial lawyer is going to feel more confident stepping in front of a jury than someone doing so for the first time. A major league baseball player taking their 1,000th at bat in the big leagues versus a rookie taking their first. The problem comes in when you do not have a deep reserve of success to draw on. How do you feel confident in these situations? This is the challenge most young athletes face, as do adults when starting a new venture. Lots of younger athletes naturally tend to be less confident in themselves because they don't have that long history built up. For ....

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