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  • 4 Replacements For Jogging To Stay In Shape

    4 Replacements For Jogging To Stay In Shape

    Although it has always been a popular tool for coaches and athletes alike, going for a distance run seems to be more popular than ever. And in our current environment you can see why. It requires no equipment, you're almost certainly going to maintain social distance guidelines, and you'll get the positive feeling of taking charge of your fitness when you're done. Distance runs will help you improve your cardiovascular fitness, but it definitely comes at a cost. If you've read our emails over the years you've heard this from me before. Distance running creates a heel strike pattern that carries over to your sprint mechanics, leaving you slower and more prone to injury. ....

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  • Want To Get Leaner & Healthier?  Eliminate This From Your Diet

    Want To Get Leaner & Healthier? Eliminate This From Your Diet

    Sugar has rightfully gotten lots of attention for its negative effect on health problems, obesity, and low energy levels. Yet it has a twin health disruptor that has largely flown under the radar. Vegetable oil. In her book " Deep Nutrition" , Dr. Cate Shanahan outlines in great detail how the vegetable oils that are found literally everywhere in our food options today are, along with sugars, creating the massive spike in health issues we've seen in our society over the last 40+ years. WHAT MAKES VEGETABLE OILS BAD FOR YOU? In short, it's because of PUFAs. PUFAs are polyunsaturated fatty acids, something that is not found in natural food sources unless they are refined ....

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  • Finally!!! Important Details Regarding Our Monday Re-Opening

    Finally!!! Important Details Regarding Our Monday Re-Opening

    Massachusetts is moving to Phase 3 on Monday, and that can only mean one thing... Casinos are back! Oh right, and we will now be open too. :) In this post I'd like to highlight 4 key points:
    Different class options
    How to schedule
    Fitting new clients in with limited group sizes
    Phase 3 safety protocols TRAINING OPTIONS WITH POWER SOURCE STARTING MONDAY, JULY 6 We will resume indoor group classes just as we did before, but that does not mean we are dropping our other class types! Our virtual personal training classes will stay , but will be at specific times. Anyone who hasn't already taken part in these and wishes to do so please reply back to determine if our ....

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  • 5 Upgrades Coming To Our Athletic Development Workouts

    5 Upgrades Coming To Our Athletic Development Workouts

    Having to close our training facility for the last three months has, in a strange way, offered up a very unique opportunity to provide a better service to all our athletes. How? It has allowed us to take a big step back and think through what we seemed to be covering well, along with a range of areas that could be improved. Our goal has always been to guide everyone who trains with us to develop the athletic and personality traits necessary for excellence in sports, and beyond. With this as our mission, these are the five upgrades we've been working on this spring that you'll see when we return to our regular class offerings. Categorized Training Plans That Focus Even More ....

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  • 4 Tips For Successful Home Workouts

    4 Tips For Successful Home Workouts

    Training at a gym has its advantages. Experienced coaches, tons of equipment, the motivation of working out with others, and plenty of space to do your work. Your home workouts may not provide any of those things, yet you still can get a lot done with the right approach. Between our own clients and those of friends within the industry, a few noticeable trends are cropping up that you may want to avoid in your pursuit to stay strong and fit at home. Here are a few simple changes that will help you avoid pitfalls, and drive better results:
    Doing Too Much Will Soon Lead To Problems

    An environment with more downtime and no where to go can lead the ambitious and energetic athlete to do ....

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  • Virtual Speed Clinics (Free - With Video)

    Virtual Speed Clinics (Free - With Video)

    Of all the physical skills an athlete needs to be successful, speed development is the most challenging one to obtain. Distance running definitely doesn't help. (I won't sidetrack this post but if you want to know why you can check out an older Power Source blog post here ) Other types of cardio workouts won't do much to develop speed, either. Strength training gets a little closer. Quality plyometric work helps even a little more, but still isn't all the way there. The one way to build true speed and agility is with proper speed & agility training. If you have a little outdoor space, and a couple items to use as cones you can follow the lesson below to get some ....

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  • Best Ways To Train At Home

    Best Ways To Train At Home

    To say we are currently in less than ideal circumstances would be an understatement. However, that doesn't mean we cannot adapt and grow in new ways. That's what we humans do. For an athlete who had been working hard to improve in their sport, gone right now are the team practices, the workout sessions at the gym, the games, and everything else you were traveling to. That's the bad news. The good news is all of your competition is in the same boat, and to get a step up on them all you have to do is get more done than they are. There are levels to what you can do at home that range from doing nothing up to having everything you need to stay right on track. We've organized those levels ....

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