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  • Peanut Butter - Good Or Bad For You?

    Peanut Butter - Good Or Bad For You?

    In 1884, peanut butter was invented by Marcellus Edson in Canada. To this day it is as popular as ever, and is one of the easiest on-the-go snack foods/ makeshift meals you could ask for. Is peanut butter good for you, though? As with any other food, what it is made of provides the true answer to that question. All-natural peanut butter, I would argue, is an outstanding snack food for kids and adults alike. It provides a good amount of protein, a moderate amount of sodium (an electrolyte), along with healthy fats. How do you know if your peanut butter is truly 'all natural'? It will show exactly 2 items on the ingredients list - peanuts and salt. All the other things ....

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  • What Is The True Role Of A Coach?

    Of all the professions out there, the coaching field seems to be one of the harder ones to define. What, exactly, is the role of a coach? Organizer? Motivator? Teacher? Designated screamer? I recently came across a great definition of the role of a coach, one that I feel is as true as any you'll ever see. Strength coach and author Martin Rooney defines a coach as: Someone who takes you where you want to go when you can't get there yourself. In that sense, our roles as coaches - both in sports and on the training side - is to create the future each player desires. Sometimes that means sharing knowledge on skills, both in sport and training. Sometimes ....

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  • 7 Common Errors To Correct For Squats

    One of the most common strength training exercises is the squat. It can be done with a barbell (front & back squats), a kettlebell, dumbbells or even a medicine ball. Done properly, squats do an excellent job of strengthening just about every muscle in your lower body and core. So yeah, a pretty valuable exercise! It is also one of the most common ways people get injured in a strength training program. Not everyone is ready to squat because they may lack the necessary flexibility and core strength required to execute them properly. Yet for those that are ready to squat with a decent amount of weight, there are still a series of technique fixes you can apply to make sure you ....

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  • Core Stability & Back Pain

    If strength training made your lower back sore the next day, you'd probably want to know what caused it. Perhaps you lifted more weight than you normally do, and are experiencing typical next day soreness. Maybe you put too much strain on your lower back due to bad technique, or a flexibility limitation. Yet many times the answer lies in how well your core muscles do in creating stability in the right amounts, at the right time. Without getting too complex, there are muscles near your spine that act almost like seatbelts in a car. Just as a seatbelt keeps you from moving far in the event of a sudden stop at high speed, the muscles closest to your spine act to keep its sudden ....

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  • Should You Be Hungry In The Morning?

    You wake up and roll out of bed in the morning. Perhaps you're a bit groggy at first, or maybe you're immediately fired up and ready to take on the day. During that first hour you are awake, how does your stomach react to being up? Are you hungry right away? Should you be? This simple check is an easy way to determine whether you are in fat burning mode, or not. Humans can primarily function on two primary sources of energy - sugars and fats. The thing is, though, how you eat will determine which energy source you'll use for a vast majority of your activities. Sugars cannot be stored in your body in massive quantities like fats can. So when your sugar stores in ....

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  • 4 Replacements For Jogging To Stay In Shape

    Although it has always been a popular tool for coaches and athletes alike, going for a distance run seems to be more popular than ever. And in our current environment you can see why. It requires no equipment, you're almost certainly going to maintain social distance guidelines, and you'll get the positive feeling of taking charge of your fitness when you're done. Distance runs will help you improve your cardiovascular fitness, but it definitely comes at a cost. If you've read our emails over the years you've heard this from me before. Distance running creates a heel strike pattern that carries over to your sprint mechanics, leaving you slower and more prone to injury. ....

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  • Want To Get Leaner & Healthier? Eliminate This From Your Diet

    Sugar has rightfully gotten lots of attention for its negative effect on health problems, obesity, and low energy levels. Yet it has a twin health disruptor that has largely flown under the radar. Vegetable oil. In her book " Deep Nutrition" , Dr. Cate Shanahan outlines in great detail how the vegetable oils that are found literally everywhere in our food options today are, along with sugars, creating the massive spike in health issues we've seen in our society over the last 40+ years. WHAT MAKES VEGETABLE OILS BAD FOR YOU? In short, it's because of PUFAs. PUFAs are polyunsaturated fatty acids, something that is not found in natural food sources unless they are refined ....

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  • Finally!!! Important Details Regarding Our Monday Re-Opening

    Massachusetts is moving to Phase 3 on Monday, and that can only mean one thing... Casinos are back! Oh right, and we will now be open too. :) In this post I'd like to highlight 4 key points:
    Different class options
    How to schedule
    Fitting new clients in with limited group sizes
    Phase 3 safety protocols TRAINING OPTIONS WITH POWER SOURCE STARTING MONDAY, JULY 6 We will resume indoor group classes just as we did before, but that does not mean we are dropping our other class types! Our virtual personal training classes will stay , but will be at specific times. Anyone who hasn't already taken part in these and wishes to do so please reply back to determine if our ....

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