Free 3 Month Team Training Application

Free 3 Month Team Training Application

Over the last few months we have been working behind the scenes to develop an online platform for programming workouts and storing workout results.

Now it's time to take it for a test drive!

Power Source is looking for one team that is highly motivated to train hard and get superior results as a group this spring or summer to work in our new and improved Off-Season Team Training program.

Teams from any sport are eligible to apply.   It would likely work best for high school age athletes, but may also fit well with a hard-working 7th or 8th grade-age team too. Both school-affiliated teams and AAU/Club programs are eligible.

I can get into more of the specifics if you want to reach out to us, but here's the outline of what your team, school or organization would receive if you're the team we choose to work with:

  • A 12 week, 2 or 3 workout per week custom designed workout program that is created based on what the team coach(es) wants us to focus on - strength, speed, conditioning, injury prevention...whatever you need most.  It will take into account the sport, age, and training experience of the athletes as well.
  • One 90 minute speed & agility clinic for up to 50 athletes

  • Pre and Post-Testing Combines for up to 50 athletes
  • Digital workout delivery and tracking which allows both players and coaches to access reports that visually show their progress over time.

  • First-day implementation of each new workout cycle by a Power Source Strength & Conditioning Coach, along with email and phone support as well.

All of this adds up to over $1,500 worth of consulting and coaching fees.

But we are going to give it away to one team absolutely free.

To enter your team in this contest, please fill out this Google Form:

Three things you'll need to have in order to make it more likely you'll be chosen are:

- Teams will need their own location to train.   A high school weight room and a field or basketball gym works just fine.   It still may work if your kids train on their own (Planet Fitness, etc) or you just have a field or open court and some equipment that can be delivered and picked up after each session.

- Teams will also need to supervise the workouts with their own coaches or volunteers.   Power Source will provide a coach at your location to go over each new workout, but won't be able to provide a coach day in and day out.

- As we can only do this for one team, we want that team to be a real success story.  That means there should be sufficient motivation on the part of the players and coaches to make this as useful as can be.

The deadline for applications is Sunday, February 16th.   

And one more time, that link to apply is:

Please forward all questions not covered here to

With the goal of providing as many Central Mass athletes a competitive advantage in their workouts as possible, it is exciting to be able to offer something like this for the first time ever.  

If you or someone you know feels this would benefit them and their kids, please fill out the application and we will be in touch!


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