NEW! Elite Strength, Speed & Conditioning Class for High School & College Athletes

NEW!  Elite Strength, Speed & Conditioning Class for High School & College Athletes

The most productive workout environments are a combination of both science and culture.

Training programs that use the best exercises and training methods deliver on the science side. There are right ways and wrong ways to train, for sure, and you always want to use methods that get you the best results for the time and energy you put in.

However, the environment in which you train is just as important. You need to be surrounded by other hard working people who are positive, supportive and energetic.

Deliver on one of these and you’ll almost certainly improve. Do it on both, though, and you have the perfect recipe for elite athletic development.

Power Source is now offering Elite Speed, Strength & Conditioning sessions on Mondays & Wednesdays from 3:00 - 4:15 PM for hard-working high school and college athletes. We want to find the right kids to create this culture during these sessions, ones who are willing to push themselves beyond their comfort zone and also are driven to learn the best ways to improve..

We are now opening enrollment for these Monday/Wednesday at 3:00 sessions for up to 8 new athletes this April and May.

With their commitment and hard work guided by our many years of coaching experience, this program can be the key to unlocking the next level of performance for your child in their favorite sport.

All sessions include the following:

- A group dynamic warm up similar in style to how almost all college sports teams begin their training sessions

- A custom designed workout program for each athletes to help them increase strength and power while lowering injury risk. This is created using an advanced evaluation system (we’ll schedule an evaluation upon enrollment) blended with their personal goals, sport & position needs, and any injury concerns that may cause problems in training.

- Either an instructor-led advanced speed & agility workout OR a sport-specific cardio session.

The one-time cost of this 6 week program is $229 for 12 sessions. If you attend all 12 classes while showing yourself to be a great culture fit we’ll give you 4 more sessions free to finish out the month of May as a reward!

Maybe your child is a star athlete already who has bigger dreams they want to accomplish. Or perhaps they are still working their way towards stardom and are hungry to find ways to improve.

It doesn’t matter to us where they are on their athletic journey. All that matters is they have the two greatest traits of future success - they’re willing to push to new heights and are eager to listen to others who can guide them to their true potential.

Enrollment will stay open until April 3rd at the latest (spots may fill before then).

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