5 Upgrades Coming To Our Athletic Development Workouts

5 Upgrades Coming To Our Athletic Development Workouts

Having to close our training facility for the last three months has, in a strange way, offered up a very unique opportunity to provide a better service to all our athletes.
It has allowed us to take a big step back and think through what we seemed to be covering well, along with a range of areas that could be improved.
Our goal has always been to guide everyone who trains with us to develop the athletic and personality traits necessary for excellence in sports, and beyond.
With this as our mission, these are the five upgrades we've been working on this spring that you'll see when we return to our regular class offerings.
Categorized Training Plans That Focus Even More On Your Exact Needs
One of the first things our athletes will do upon returning to regular classes is to identify their primary training focus, the one thing they need most to advance their game.
For our Age 14 and up athletes those options are:
  • Increase Max Strength
  • Build Muscle
  • Improve Conditioning/Get Leaner
  • Improve Speed & Power
  • Lower Injury Risk
Athletes Ages 13 and under can choose from:
  • Developing Coordination & Athleticism
  • Lower Injury Risk
  • Improve Speed & Strength
  • Develop Better Conditioning
Although there is of course some overlap between needs, specific exercises and workout formats will be provided for each area as a new layer of customization for everyone.
Greater Assistance With Nutrition & Recovery Habits
During the lockdown we put out a 28 Day Nutrition Challenge that many of our members participated in, with many very impressive results coming from it.
Using that as a guide, we've streamlined that first draft into a 21 Day Challenge we will offer to all our members in July and August.
This updated challenge focuses on helping you develop key habits to improve within the 4 pillars necessary to achieve elite athletic success:
  • Intense Physical Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery & Regeneration
  • Mindset
The nutrition portion also has an advanced program that can be used by any member who completes this first challenge. It provides coaching on more specific nutrition challenges each individual may need most.
A New Strength Testing System
Athletes will now have the option of testing and tracking their strength gains once every 4 to 8 weeks in class. Key tests vary from sport to sport, so we've created a wide menu of options that each individual can choose from.
Testing for athletes ages 13 and under will be a combination of mastering proper technique in a range of exercises, along with a smaller list of bodyweight strength tests.
More Guidance In Setting Achievable Goals
One area we were beginning to work on this year was helping our athletes set and achieve meaningful short-term goals that tie into their long-term dreams.
There is so much research that documents the power of goal setting in a variety of fields, and especially in athletics. Those who know how to set goals are more motivated to train, more likely to overcome setbacks, and more likely to stand out in their sport down the road.
While we did attempt to make goal setting more prevalent with our kids, we weren't providing enough structure to the process.
This will hopefully be the most noticeable and valuable change in our program over the next 12 months, with more self-driven kids achieving even higher levels of success.
New Exercises Emphasizing Speed-Strength Connections
One of the hardest things to do in a workout program is to take the strength you build in the weight room and transfer it to faster movement in your sport.
With so much time to research better methods (and with so many of the world's top strength coaches sharing great ideas on social media) we've come across some powerful new ways to convert weight room performance to game performance.
With good fortune we will be able to resume training in just a couple more weeks, offering both indoor and outdoor training options.
When that time comes, we will be ready to not only provide a safe training environment for you, but also a more effective one than we've ever had before.

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