Finally!!! Important Details Regarding Our Monday Re-Opening

Massachusetts is moving to Phase 3 on Monday, and that can only mean one thing...
Casinos are back!
Oh right, and we will now be open too. :)
In this post I'd like to highlight 4 key points:
  • Different class options
  • How to schedule
  • Fitting new clients in with limited group sizes
  • Phase 3 safety protocols
We will resume indoor group classes just as we did before, but that does not mean we are dropping our other class types!
Our virtual personal training classes will stay, but will be at specific times. Anyone who hasn't already taken part in these and wishes to do so please reply back to determine if our schedules match up.
Outdoor group classes will also resume. We'll set the schedule up so if weather creates issues everyone can either move indoors to finish, or can reschedule for another day. Times will be more consistent now that we can default to indoor when needed.
And of course, small group Speed, Strength & Conditioning classes return. Despite the governor allowing groups of up to 25 people for indoor events, we will keep our classes at 8 or less for the foreseeable future.
We will post our class times later today or tomorrow on our Mindbody page:
Scheduling is a bit trickier than before, but should work fine if you follow these guidelines:
Virtual Personal Training - These should be scheduled directly with us. Call or reply back here if you are interested in this option.
Outdoor Live Classes - We set this up so people could enroll on a single session basis, which you can still do. However, if you have an active membership and/or wish to use credited sessions from the spring you'll need to contact me first so I can transfer some of your sessions over to this class type.
Indoor Live Classes - Everyone who has reactivated their membership already should be able to schedule without issue here. For those who are looking to return to training, or are new and wish to work with us, please contact me to coordinate. Alternately, you can use the single session payment option to enroll in classes here, too.
With an expanded summer schedule we should be able to fit in some new or returning members that wish to train with us right now, even with the class sizes being limited to 8 or less.
If you know someone new to Power Source who wishes to start up with indoor training, or you yourself wish to do so, please contact me and we can coordinate an evaluation to get your custom program prepared.
For outdoor classes, anyone may schedule single sessions whether they are a member or not.
It is exciting to see how well our state is doing with COVID-19 compared to many other parts of the country, but that certainly doesn't mean we can drop our guard now. 
Here's what we'll do for you, and ask of you coming to indoor classes.
  • If you do not feel great coming in, please tell us and we can temperature check you to see if you have a fever and should skip that workout.
  • Please, please wash your hands coming into the building! And on the way out, as well.
  • We will provide cones/stations to maintain social distancing as we do outside.
  • Doors will remain open and fans will be running to maximize air flow inside.
  • Coaches will wear masks because we won't always be able to maintain social distancing with spotting and moving around.
  • Athletes are encouraged to bring a mask for times when they cannot maintain proper social distancing guidelines, but will not be required to wear them during workouts. I am fearful that hard working athletes wearing masks will create a whole new safety concern.
  • We ask that everyone wipe down their equipment after each use. We will provide plenty of cleaning spray and wipes to make this as easy as possible.
This email has been a long time coming, and we are thrilled to be able to now offer everything we could before, along with some new options as well.
We are also excited to debut some new features that can lead to even greater results for our members.
I hope you all have a great 4th of July weekend, and perhaps we'll see you soon!

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