Peanut Butter - Good Or Bad For You?

Peanut Butter - Good Or Bad For You?

In 1884, peanut butter was invented by Marcellus Edson in Canada.
To this day it is as popular as ever, and is one of the easiest on-the-go snack foods/ makeshift meals you could ask for.
Is peanut butter good for you, though?
As with any other food, what it is made of provides the true answer to that question.
All-natural peanut butter, I would argue, is an outstanding snack food for kids and adults alike. It provides a good amount of protein, a moderate amount of sodium (an electrolyte), along with healthy fats.
How do you know if your peanut butter is truly 'all natural'?
It will show exactly 2 items on the ingredients list - peanuts and salt.
All the other things that get added to peanut butter is what can cause problems. Sugar is of course part of the issue, but artificial additives and flavorings are just as problematic.
Worse, similar spreads like Nutella are almost entirely made of sugar and chemically-based oils.
Stick to the all natural stuff and you can genuinely feel good about the health benefits of peanut butter.
Being so convenient, it can fill all of these roles:
  • A quick morning snack if you don't eat breakfast
  • An on-the-go food when traveling from school right to practices or games
  • An easy lunch option at work or school
  • A great in-between games option during tournaments since it can be prepared at the drop of a hat and won't weight you down for your next game
Although most peanut butter brands and knockoff products have no business calling themselves good for you, the reality is all-natural peanut butters are one of the most cost-effective healthy snacks ever invented.
Thank you, Canada!

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