Simple Tip To Help With Shoulder & Neck Pain

Do you experience shoulder or neck tightness after workouts, or just through everyday activities like desk work and driving?
There may be a really, really simple solution to lessening the problem.
Most of us type and drive in a slouched posture. This of course rounds your shoulders forward, but it also elevates them towards your ears as well.
It is the elevation which causes the muscles that pull your shoulder blades upward. They activate and stay turned on throughout the time you are in this pose, creating fatigue and eventually tightness in these muscles.
Shoulder (or scapular) elevation can be intensified if you do strength training with your shoulders in this same elevated position because they are being strengthened and tightened by an external resistance.
For athletes, especially those who operate overhead (throwers, basketball & volleyball players, javelin throwers, etc) it can lead to more serious shoulder problems.
The solution?
Drop your shoulders as far away from your ears as possible during strength exercises, desk work, driving, and any other activity where you notice they hike up.
A physical therapist once told me that if everyone kept their shoulders down and back all the time they'd go out of business!
So the next time you find yourself in a position where your shoulders are elevated, simply pull them back down where they belong. Get in the habit of doing this often, and in time it should help ease your strain.

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