New Year, New Class Format

To truly get strong you need to put time in the weight room. There are no shortcuts, no easy ways out.
Busy schedules can make that a challenge for some athletes.
In that light, we are testing out a new, quicker class format to kick off 2021 at select times - an Express Strength & Power class.
The idea is to get a structured, challenging workout under the supervision of a qualified strength coach who can guide your training to be both safe and effective.
The format will be as follows:
  • Athletes should arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time to complete a quick 5 minute dynamic warm up and then receive instructions on the lifts the group will complete that session.
  • We will start the lifting precisely at the listed class start time. The exercises will be aimed at developing total-body strength and power. Athletes will have time to complete each and will wrap up the session 30 minutes after the lift begins.
Athletes can sign up for single sessions whenever it fits their needs.
And you do not have to be a current member to take part. With the class sizes capped at just 6 participants, non-member groups or teammates can book a class entirely for themselves if they wish.
We do recommend that those participating have had at least some weight training experience to participate in these faster-paced sessions.
The cost is $10 per class, with no other commitment needed.
Athletes who have an existing membership are of course welcome to sign up for these as an extra workout. The enrollment was not set up to work using an existing membership (to avoid mistaken sign ups), but if you do prefer to use your current session package here please contact us directly.
The enrollment page is the same as for our other classes:
We will test this out on just Wednesday evenings for now, and if there is interest in adding more or different times we will add them as necessary.
Please feel free to reply back with any ideas, comments, or questions regarding this new class offering.

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