Elite 3 Day Summer Speed Camps

Elite 3 Day Summer Speed Camps

If there is one area of athletic development that requires personalized instruction, extreme focus and attention to detail over any other, it would be speed training.
When you have the right group of athletes - hard working and fully present on the task in front of them - you can achieve quite a lot in a short period of time.
It is in this spirit that we'll be launching a series of 3 Day Speed Camps for a very limited number of kids starting Tuesday, June 8th.
Each 90 minute session will be entirely devoted to sprint development, with the goal of guiding each athlete to run 0.2 seconds faster on their 30 or 40 yard sprint by the last day.
We will work to accomplish this by using the following methods:
  • The technical drills we emphasize are used by many college and pro athletes as they prepare for combines and their upcoming seasons. We've seen this same system help many of our own athletes achieve tremendous improvement in their sprint times over the past few years.
  • Detailed video breakdowns of all phases of your sprint mechanics. With this, we can customize instruction to hammer away at each individual's most pressing needs for improvement.
  • Laser timed sprints to ensure accuracy, and to let you know in real time when a new tactic you implement genuinely works for you.
  • Targeted plyometric training exercises specifically designed to help you to accelerate or run at top speed more efficiently.
  • We will use additional sprint enhancement tools, like drive sleds and bungee cords, as needed.
On top of the gains we hope to see everyone achieve during the camp, those who take to heart what they learned by continuing to practice will see continued development well beyond the end of the 3 day program.
For us to be able to truly customize the sessions, we will be taking no more than 4 athletes per session who check all of the following boxes:
  • You are very focused during training sessions
  • You truly believe you can get faster
  • You have a strong work ethic
Typically, this means we are looking for kids ages 14 and up. However, anyone who is 13 years old and exhibits all the characteristics listed above would likely do just fine as well.
Here are a few more details:
Session 1 - June 8 - 10
Session 2 - June 22 - 24
Session 3 - July 13 - 15
Session 4 - July 27 - 29
All sessions will run from 6:00 - 7:30 PM.
Rain dates will likely be on either the Monday or Friday of that week, if nec.
Each session will cap at 4 athletes.
Cost for the 3 day speed camp is $239 per person.
We will offer 10% off for any group of 4 friends or teammates who want to reserve their own session.


These extended speed sessions will allow us to dig deep into your sprint mechanics in a way we just don't have the time to do in our group personal training classes.
Speed is just like any other skill in life - you can get better at it if you know what to work on, and are willing to put in the time to see real results.
Are you ready and willing to get faster this summer?

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