2 New Drop In Classes For Youth & Adults!

We are excited to be able to add a pair of offerings targeted to your specific needs this fall!
Have you ever watched your son or daughter play their sport and felt like their speed and agility form isn't as good as some of the other kids?
Or that your child always seems to get lower body aches and pains when they have lots of games?
We've seen this in a countless number of kids over the last 20 years.
Although it isn't usually something you can fix overnight, there are a lot of technique improvements kids can make to incrementally develop more speed and agility, and remove overuse injuries that come from poor form.
Our Drop In Speed & Agility classes are geared towards exactly that.
From start to finish, everything we do in these classes - warm up drills, plyometrics, sprint and cutting mechanics, video analysis - is aimed at making those tiny tweaks to develop a faster and lower stress stride.
There is no membership required, all you need to do if you see a time that fits is enroll in that single session.
We will only offer a limited number of these speed & agility specific sessions.
If you feel this can help your son or daughter, don't wait to sign up!
Our first session is Saturday, September 18th from noon to 1 PM. This first session will have no more than 4 participants.
You can use this link to schedule any Drop In Sprint Training or Drop In Agility Training session:
Drop In Speed Training Enrollment Link
If it is back to school season for kids, why can't it also be Back To Fitness time for parents?
Just like our Saturday morning adult class, this is ideal for people who need to ease back in to exercise and want to give our sessions a try.
And anyone is welcome to take part, you do not have to be a member to schedule this class.
We all know the value of exercise, but it can be so hard to take that scary first step out of the house and into an exercise program.
Our coach, Patrice Harvey, does a wonderful job of making new participants feel completely at home in our groups. She is a whiz at adapting workouts for any fitness level.
Even better, we will keep this class entirely outdoors!
This new outdoor adult classes will begin Tuesday, September 14th from 6:30 to 7:30 PM.
If the weather cooperates we will keep this Tuesday time consistent throughout the fall.
If you've been meaning to start a new exercise routine this is a great first step for you.
Jump into a class today and you'll be well on your way to feeling a whole lot better about yourself this fall!
Drop In Outdoor Adult Fitness Class Enrollment Link

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