Dealing With Setbacks

We often forget that the path to our goals is never a straight line. There are going to be unexpected bumps in the road - both large and small - that knock us off course from time to time.
It is then up to us to determine how we handle that.
We can let it bump us off course permanently, essentially giving up all hope of future success.
Or we can work to get back on track despite the setbacks that are put in our path.
That may mean a full return to the road you were on before, or it could mean you find promise heading down a new road, one that you may not have realized was just as rewarding as the previous one.
When we confront these setbacks, it is immensely valuable to do the following three things.
Set A Vision
Goal setting is a powerful tool for success, but it is never more valuable than when you confront challenges.
Can you clearly see where you want to go?
What do you want to achieve, even if is seems unlikely to others?
Do you truly believe you're going to accomplish it?
It is incredible what some people can achieve simply because they believe so strongly in what they're going to do.
ACT! Do Everything You Can Today
Thought without action won't get you anywhere.
Once you are 100% determined to turn your setback into a new accomplishment, you must get out there and start working towards it today.
There may be limitations on what you can do, especially if you are dealing with a physical injury. But there are always things you can do to move forward.
Exhaust every avenue in finding things to help you move forward towards your goals.
Let Your Support Network Help
Family, friends, coaches, teammates, and medical staff (if it is a physical injury) are all there to lend a hand...provided you let them in.
Some of us are not big on asking for help from others, preferring to stay in control and do things ourselves. Yet this mindset can limit your ability to overcome setbacks.
11-time NBA Championship coach Phil Jackson often quoted Rudyard Kipling's famous statement - "The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack." to drive home the importance of working together with his players.
That same sentiment is critical to coming back from any challenge.
Of the thousands of athletes we've trained over the last 20+ years, unfortunately two of them have been dealt significant setbacks this past month.
What has been so inspirational to witness is that both of these incredible individuals are doing everything on this list, and are both fully determined to achieve their new visions.
I hope that the next time you are confronted with a setback, either large or small, you channel the inner strength these two possess have to overcome your own challenge.

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