Why Aren't You Testing Like The Pros?

The pro sports industry generates $400 billion annually worldwide.
Not million.
And because the most successful teams have better attended games, higher merchandise sales, and receive extra revenue from hosting playoff games, there is a lot to gain by becoming a winning franchise.
That in large part stems from bringing in the best players.
Every sports fan knows that teams who draft well are better positioned to win titles.
Before each draft, pro sports leagues now run combines to learn as much as possible about each player's talents.
Many of the tests for speed, power, and strength I'm sure you seen or heard of:
  • Vertical jumps
  • Broad jumps
  • 40 or 60 yard sprints
  • Sport-specific agility drills
  • Bench press
These are often replicated in high school and college combines for younger prospects.
Yet there is one big part of the NHL, NFL, MLB and a few other combines that teams value just as much, but isn't as well known.
The Functional Movement Screen, or FMS.
These are basic movements to determine a player's flexibility, core strength, balance & coordination.
Basically, what teams are looking for here are warning signs for future injury.
Since the FMS has proven to be one of the best injury risk predictors around, leagues are using it to better assess whether to make a multi-million dollar investment in one player over another.
So why am I telling you all this?
Because all of our athletes at Power Source complete this very same Functional Movement Screen when they begin with us.
We want to immediately identify injury risk so that we may design workouts to lower it, and (hopefully) keep our kids from ever having to go through a major injury.
It is impossible to say how many injuries this has prevented for our kids over the years.
But if it is good enough for pro teams to use then it is good enough for us.
Any kid, whether returning or a first-timer, who is considering joining our program this summer will complete this very same FMS screen that pro prospects and many Division ! college athletes go through.
Our current athletes will be re-screened over the next 2 weeks in their specific areas of need, too.
The FMS has been a cornerstone of our program for over a decade, and is the reason we can confidently say we truly lower the future injury risk of our kids.
Training to be an elite athlete is simply more complex than following bodybuilding-style workouts.
Yes, you have to be fast, powerful, strong, and fit.
To actually show those skills off in your sport, though, you first have to be healthy.
Pro teams know this.
It is why more and more they lean on the FMS system to learn which players move well, and which have inefficiencies that could lead to future problems.
We know this too, and it is why we give our kids this edge over their competition.
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