Is It Too Late To Get In Shape For My Fall Season?

Is It Too Late To Get In Shape For My Fall Season?

We're roughly 4 weeks out from the first fall sports practices of the year.
Historically, the end of July is the time of year we get a lot of calls from parents about what we can do to get their kid ready for the fall season.
Of course, those who are going to be most prepared for that first practice are the ones who have been working all summer, or all year, to maximize their physical skill set.
However, yes there are some things that can still be achieved in only a months time.
Here is a quick breakdown, by skill, of what can and cannot be improved between now and the end of August.
Mobility & Stability: Joints like the ankles, hips and shoulders are much more susceptible to injury if they are inflexible or move too much.
Your body adapts quite quickly to consistent, near daily training for mobility and stability.
So yes, you can lower your injury risk by minimizing your mobility and/or stability concerns this month.
And since we know a high percentage of injuries come during the first 3 days of practice each season, training this alone would be a good time investment.
Stamina/Conditioning: Sport coaches love to train conditioning, in part, because you can see progress in a matter of days.
100% this is an area you can improve in a month or less.
My suggestion, as I'm sure you know if you read these regularly, is to train a combination of high intensity interval workouts (110 yd sprints as an example) and low impact, steady state aerobic training.
Leave the distance running alone, unless of course you are preparing for cross country season!
Strength & Power: Four weeks is enough time to take meaningful first steps towards becoming stronger and more powerful in your sport, but no matter how hard you train there's going to be very little impact on your fall season at this point.
If you need to get stronger, my advice is to play the long game here. Yes you can use this month to begin your journey towards becoming a more physical player, but know that to make a real difference in your game you'll have to continue to work at this one over a longer period of time.
Speed & Agility: There are two ways to look at speed & agility development.
The first is the physical change, how you can train your body to move in a quicker and more coordinated fashion. These changes take a long time, 3 to 6 months, to see significant improvement for most people.
Then there is the technical side.
Much like a baseball player can make an adjustment to their swing and see immediate improvements, the same goes for speed & agility skills.
If a kid is driven enough that they will put in the time to learn better techniques, and then actively apply them back in their practices and games, then yes you can lay the groundwork to make real improvements in speed this month, too
(I should mention the obvious, we have our last summer Speed School session coming up Wednesday, Aug 3 which still has space remaining. Click here for more info.)
The bottom line?
If the first half of your summer was on the less active side and you want to make up for lost time, yes you can still do a lot to get ready for your season.
Just remember to prioritize your training so you get the greatest impact in the limited time you have left.

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