Big Changes Coming To Our Youth Program

If you are currently involved with, or are considering becoming a part of our youth sports performance program, I want to let you know about changes we'll be making soon.
And there are a lot of them!
1) We're Adding A Premier Speed Development Tool
In just a few more weeks we'll have a 1080 Sprint at our facility. This is the major driver that made necessary all of the changes you'll see below.
As much as our Woodway Sprint treadmill has helped our kids improve their top speed sprint technique, the 1080 helps to improve all areas of speed & agility - acceleration, top speed and change of direction.
It is currently the top speed development tool on the market, and is usually only found in top college & professional programs.
By blending advanced technology with detailed coaching, I honestly believe we now can offer you a speed development program that is on par with the top training facilities in the country.
We'll hold a demo day once it arrives in November, but if you're curious to learn more now you can check these out:
Click here to see their product web page
Click here to see a product review by a respected speed training site
2) Class times will change from 75 minutes back to 60
We will only be using the 1080 Sprint in smaller class settings with groups that are truly serious about getting faster.
I realize some of our kids are here to get stronger and build muscle, while others are more driven to play faster.
So we needed to make room for two different class types while working within the limited window of after school time kids have available.
Our current class will be renamed "Youth Group Personal Training" on our Mindbody page.
The new speed classes will be labeled "Speed School".
3) Class start times will change slightly
Classes will start on the hour (3:00, 4:00, etc) which will add an extra class option each day.
Please take note when scheduling.
4) Yes, the Group Personal Training classes will be shorter, but they'll also be more efficient
We lengthened our class times from 60 minutes to 75 a few years back. Now that we are returning to the hour class, we do so with a lot more knowledge on how to get the most out of that training time.
The warm up portion will run for 12 minutes and will not just include mobility and activation, but we'll also add some speed & quickness training in there too.
Our kids will have the remaining 48 minutes to get through their custom workout program.
In essence, the only thing that will come out of this format is the technical speed coaching.
5) Speed School sessions will be small groups, and only for serious participants
We will not put an age restriction on these classes, but with that being said we will not tolerate anything less than fully focused training.
No matter your age, anyone whose lack of focus and/or effort becomes detrimental to the rest of the group will not be allowed to continue in this advanced setting.
We'll start by capping class sizes at just 4 participants per hour, and will expand this slightly over time if the demand warrants it.
6) Any month to month or annual membership will work on both class sign ups
There no longer will be a separate fee to take Speed School sessions if you have an active membership with us.
Because you'll be able to access both now, please be careful in signing up for the class type you want.
Kids can get awfully grumpy if they are made to run when they wanted to lift, or vice versa!
7). Class times may change from week to week
We are not sure which of the two class types will be most popular, and may need to make changes as we go.
8). The single session rate will change to $35 per session for either class type
If you have any type of membership with us, this won't apply to you.
Our schedule changes will take effect on Monday, November 7th
The goal of our program has always been, and continues to be, providing the very best for our kids so they can maximize their athletic and personal potential.
I look forward to the effect all of this will have on our athletes in furthering this goal as we move into the future.

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