Are You Running On Carbs Or Fats?

One of the keys to maximizing your energy levels through your diet is to identify what your primary fuel source is.
The two main ones are carbohydrates and fats.
Though we all process both to some extent, as the years go by our digestive systems become more efficient at using one over the other for energy.
The one it picks is the one you feed it more often.
All of us can function well off of either primary energy source, but there are definite differences between the two.
Carb burners need to eat more often.
These foods do not provide the same feeling of fullness, and since your body cannot store them in the same form you must have a constant supply.
If you live an active lifestyle, these constant carb feedings are just fine.
Kids who basically survive off of sugar products and have all the energy in the world are good examples of this.
Problems come in when you become less active, as many of us do in adulthood.
A second problem, of course, is that your body is not very efficient at using bodyfat as an energy source between meals.
Fat burners do not have this problem, and typically can go nearly all day without really getting hungry.
Because their digestive systems can very easily metabolize body fat between meals, there is no need to send out the hunger alarm to acquire more nutrients.
Again, one is not necessarily better than the other, although as we get older and less active it might be in your best interest to become more of a fat burner from a health perspective.
Both groups should adapt their diet to maximize what works best.
Carb burners should eat 4 to 6 times per day, regularly spacing meals to keep the steady energy supply in place.
Those in this group also need to be VERY careful about what is in the things you eat, because many on-the-go carb items are filled with crappy ingredients.
Fat burners should eat a hearty breakfast to kick off the day, then add another meal or two as needed.
You'll need to be careful not to ingest too many carbs along with it, because this will significantly interfere with your natural fat burning capabilities.
Read labels and consider eating primarily whole foods, because sugar is in just about everything these days.
Provided you are choosing quality food sources, a diet primarily fueled by carbohydrates or fats can each lead you to success in athletics and fitness.

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