More and more you hear that sugar is the #1 reason that people are unhealthy today.

And yet we all know someone who literally lives on sugar products, but is quite lean and appears to be very healthy.

So what gives?

Here are a few quick facts that you need to keep in mind when learning about how your sugar intake is affecting your health and athletic performance.

Sugar produces different responses in different people. So it is important for you to know yourself and how you respond to it.

With that being said, for MOST people taking in high amounts of sugar can accelerate poor health and performance

Fructose, the natural sugar found in fruits but also in artificial sweeteners like table sugar and high fructose corn syrup, should be kept at 50 grams or less per day.

Unfortunatly, most Americans take in far higher than this amount.

As examples, a 32 oz. soda has 50 g of fructose. A 32 oz. sports drink has 22 grams, and a bag of Skittles has 24.

Fructose is abundant in more ‘healthy’ choices too, like cereals and juices. it is also found in salad dressings, sauces and in so-called healthy bars or shakes.

By getting fructose from fresh fruit instead of the above items, including juices, it becomes far harder to overdo your sugar limit because fruit also has fiber and makes you feel a lot fuller afterwards.

So the bottom line is that if you are looking to eat healthier and feel sugar is a problem for you, start looking at all the fructose you ingest during a typical day. Seek to eliminate the lower-nutrient sources and perhaps add more fresh fruit to take its place.

RESOURCE: Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coaching Certification Course

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