Let’s say you are in the market for a coach.

This could involve picking the right team for your child to play on, finding a sport skill instructor, a sports performance coach, a tutor, or even a personal trainer for yourself.

Do you know what qualities you’re looking for?

And even more fundamentally, do you know what a coach is actually supposed to do?

Perhaps you think they’re supposed to be motivators, someone who gets in your face and pushes you to do more with them than you could have on your own.

That is definitely how a lot of coaches operate, as the picture here is probably one that plays out in youth leagues of all sports across the country.

Maybe you think a coach should be more of a teacher, someone who gives you a series of drills and then teaches you how to do them.

They are the ones that have acquired advanced knowledge, and when hiring them you expect that they will show you techniques that you otherwise wouldn’t have done on their own.

Certainly this is how many see coaches today, and parents are spending more and more money on private coaching for their children for exactly this reason.

Or should a coach be more of a mentor? Someone that guides you through the challenges that will inevitably come up on your journey. Perhaps you see a coach as a true role model, someone who instills values even if they aren’t highly knowledgeable or motivational.

Everyone has their own feelings on what a coach should be.

Being a coach myself, I certainly have strong opinions on this, but perhaps before sharing them you should know one important fact.

I pay thousands of dollars each year to be coached myself.

And for those services there are big expectations I place on those who coach me.

In turn, we ask families to pay some of their hard-earned money for their kids to be coached by us. That is a very serious responsibility, and I would hope each of you has very clear expectations of what you want to get out of our services.

So what should our coaches be doing for us?

Here are the 4 expectations I have of my business coaches:

They need to know my goals and dreams.

They need to know what challenges lie in my path.

They should be helping me to break down my end goal into action steps that each bring me a little closer to the end goal.

I expect them to use their knowledge to clarify my journey, to streamline it so goals are reached faster than they would have without them.

Put another way,

“Coaches turn dreams into projects.”

– Steve Chandler

Should a coach motivate?

Absolutely, so long as it is done in a way that has a positive impact.

Should they have advanced knowledge?

Of course.

Do coaches have the incredible power to mentor kids to be better people too?

For sure.


But coaching, in my opinion is even more than that. A true coach forces you to plan your dreams out so they are achievable. They hold you accountable and help march you forward until you hit the mountain top. And they get you there much faster than you could on your own.

“We are all on a glide path in our life that will land us somewhere based on what we do now. A coach’s job is to change that trajectory so you land in a better place.”

– Rich Levin

Coaching is not the most clearly defined profession, as many coaches work part time, as volunteers or as a profession. In almost all cases coaches seek to do everything they can to make an impact on our clients, although it may not always come across that way.

All of us has likely had a bad experience with a coach that makes us think we don’t necessarily need one in our lives.

But some of us have been extremely fortunate to have one that legitimately changes our entire future, and puts us on a better trajectory than would would have on our own.

My business coaches to do exactly that, and the truth is they have been worth likely ten times more than what they’ve charged. And the funny part is that the first time they approached me to offer their services I flat out rejected them, waiting over a year before finally realizing how much of a positive impact they could make.

We all need guidance in our pursuit of our dreams, whether we want to admit it or not.

The reality is that if you truly desire to achieve something, there is someone out there that can give you a much better chance of achieving it…so long as you are willing to reach out.

The power of a coach is that they can transform lives in a way that literally no other profession can do.

When you have a good one you know how incredibly valuable they can be.

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