If you want to develop a great community in a training program, the best way to get there is by having enthusiastic members spread the word about their experiences.

We have been so fortunate over the years to have very vocal, committed people in our program who’ve shared their experiences with others so that we could find more people to help.

Rewarding and recognizing those who spread the word has always been a priority, but is hard to track.

Not any more.

We have launched a new Member Rewards program through Perkville that is unbelieveably simple, yet allows us to offer a range of reward options.

What can you receive with your rewards points? We will add more as time goes on, but for starters you can earn:

  • Free nutrition samples, including protein shakes and healthy energy drinks
  • Free Power Source apparel
  • Free or discounted entry into speed training programs
  • Free add-on sessions to your membership
  • Gift memberships you can pass along to a friend
  • Other reward options offered through Perkville

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