New! Drop In Speed & Agility Classes

New! Drop In Speed & Agility Classes

Starting April 6th, Power Source will adapt our weekend schedule to run separate 45-minute Speed & Agility clinics for both Middle School & High School athletes throughout the spring.

There is no commitment to attend anything other than the single session, and it is open to both members and non-members alike.

Classes will focus on the following:

  • Enhancing both acceleration and top speed mechanics, using video analysis and simple but effective technique training.  
    MOST IMPORTANT FOR:  Baseball/Softball/Football/Lacrosse/Track (short distance/jumps)/Field Hockey/Soccer
  • Teaching safer & faster cutting skills
    MOST IMPORTANT FOR:  Football/Lacrosse/Ice Hockey/Soccer/Basketball
  • Developing reactive agility & lateral movement to become a better defender
    MOST IMPORTANT FOR:  Football/Lacrosse/Ice Hockey/Soccer/Basketball/Field Hockey

Both Saturday & Sunday class schedules will run in the following order:

9:00 - Regular Speed, Strength & Conditioning Class

10:15 - Age 10-14 Speed Clinic

11:15 - Regular Speed, Strength & Conditioning Class

12:30 - Age 14-19 Speed Clinic

Sessions are priced at $12 per class, but current members can train for free if they have a non-member sign up a session.  

All sign ups can be done online through our Mindbody schedule page:

For those who are determined to get faster for their sport, but don't have the time to commit to a regular training schedule this spring, we hope this is a convenient way to learn some key skills that can make a dramatic difference in your long-term athletic development.

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