Summer 2019 Speed Clinics

Summer 2019 Speed Clinics

Join Us This Summer For A 3 Day Speed & Agility Clinic & Bring Your Game To The Next Level

Power Source will run Speed & Agility Development Clinics in July 2019 for athletes ages 14 to 19, and for ages 10 to 14.   

No matter what your current speed or skill level, we can help you make improvements in your sprinting and cutting technique.

For The Athlete Who Is Already Considered Fast

For the athlete who is already quite fast compared to their peers, you may not feel like speed training can do anything for you.

But the truly elite athlete is constantly looking for that edge, that advantage which helps them to not only stand out against average competition, but against the very best.

In our clinic you'll discover some of the more advanced strategies used by elite athletes to help them hit another gear they didn't realize they had.  

Basically, we'll be working to take you from good to great.

What If I'm Just Average Speed, Or Even Slow?

And for those who consider themselves to be average or slow right now, we'll show you that there truly is a way to change your athletic future.


By working with you on every area of sprint technique and agility skills, breaking them down in a way that makes sense and builds on the things you already do well.

So really what we're saying is....

Everyone Can Improve Their Speed & Agility If They're Willing To Work At It!

Power Source Speed & Agility clinics revolve around 4 key areas:

  • Developing the right mindset to become faster
  • Improving sprint mechanics, both in your acceleration (first 10 yards) and top speed zones
  • Discovering how to change direction safely & more effectively (FACT: Most non-contact injuries come while cutting)
  • Improving skills to become a better defender

These clinics work best for kids in these sports:

  • Basketball
  • Soccer 
  • Lacrosse 
  • Baseball 
  • Softball 
  • Football 
  • Field Hockey

Three days won't completely turn you into a superstar, but you will take critical steps forward (no pun intended) that can make you better tomorrow than you are today.

DATES:  Ages 10-14 from July 9 to 11
             Ages 14-19 from July 23 to 25
TIME:  All sessions are from 6:00 - 8:00 PM
LOCATION:. At Our New Facility in Southgate Business Park
(450 Research Drive, Suite B, Leominster, MA)

COST:  $99

If your child has the true champion's mindset, the one where they are always seeking new and better ways to improve, then we are excited and ready to help them take that next step! 

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