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  • Taking Agility Training To A New Level

    Many team sport settings - basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, ice hockey, and field hockey - require athletes to rapidly change direction to keep up with opponents. The ability to properly execute these changes of direction, when responding to a stimulus, is what we refer to as agility. Fluid. Athletic. Graceful. Those are words typically associated with players that possess a high level of agility. So can it be developed? Yes, if agility training is approached on 2 levels. First off, there are of course proper techniques to changing direction efficiently, just as there are best ways to sprint, lift weights, stretch, and so on. Good technique minimizes wasted ....

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  • The Unconditional Truth You Must Follow To Get The Best Results From Your Training

    If you are in school and have a test coming up, how do you determine what to study? Naturally you'd study the subject - history, science, etc - that you are having the test for. But you wouldn't study just anything, you'd focus on the specific chapter or topic that the test will cover. Pretty straightforward, right? Now let's compare that to how many workout programs run today. Let's say we're training to get stronger, or get faster, or whatever your determined outcome is. Are exercises just thrown together, or does your workout develop specific skills in the way you'll need them in your sport ? Let's take a few common examples. 1) Using an agility ladder to ....

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  • If You Spoke To Your Friends This Way They'd Be Furious With You

    Imagine saying things like this to someone you think highly of: "You're a complete failure." "That was terrible." "You can't do anything right." "You aren't good enough to achieve that." Pretty much no one speaks to their friends like this, because they wouldn't remain your friend for long! As the old saying goes, with friends like that who needs enemies? The thing is, though, this is exactly the kind of self-talk many young athletes have going on in their heads. For some reason, many of us tend to be harder on ourselves than we are on those around us. Our internal dialogue can turn incredibly negative either when things aren't going our way, or when ....

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  • The Secret Weapon To Unlocking Your Kid's Full Speed Potential

    Have you ever driven in a car with bad shock absorbers? If you have, you likely remember the experience. You felt every pothole, and if by chance you hit a bigger one you were bouncing off the top of the car! Good shocks absorb various forces to create a smooth ride under almost any circumstance. In much the same way, our bodies have built-in shock absorbers. When stretched they store energy and can snap back powerfully. This is how we create high speed movement. This feature resides primarily within two types of connective tissues located throughout your body. Tendons are the first big type. They attach muscle to bones (like your Achilles Tendon), and are quite ....

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  • A Wonderfully Simple Way To Improve Athleticism At Home

    One guaranteed way to get yelled at as a kid is to jump off of furniture. A couch, a bed, anything that was just high enough off the ground to create a house-shaking landing typically does the trick. The funny thing is, that desire to challenge our limits to land from height in our younger years is actually a tremendous tool for building strength, power and speed down the road. I know this seems a bit crazy, but hear me out. Athleticism is best developed early in life through free play - running, jumping, throwing, kicking - all without the structure of team sports. When we think of jumping, we usually correlate its value to the takeoff portion, but it is the landing that ....

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  • Is It Too Late To Get In Shape For My Fall Season?

    Is It Too Late To Get In Shape For My Fall Season?

    We're roughly 4 weeks out from the first fall sports practices of the year. Historically, the end of July is the time of year we get a lot of calls from parents about what we can do to get their kid ready for the fall season. Of course, those who are going to be most prepared for that first practice are the ones who have been working all summer, or all year, to maximize their physical skill set. However, yes there are some things that can still be achieved in only a months time. Here is a quick breakdown, by skill, of what can and cannot be improved between now and the end of August. Mobility & Stability: Joints like the ankles, hips and shoulders are much more ....

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  • Your Injury Isn't Over Just Because You're Pain-Free

    Have you, or someone you know, ever had a sports injury serious enough to require surgery?. If so, then you know the return-to-play process starts under your doctor's care. Eventually, you'll be sent to physical therapy to regain range of motion and strength around the injury site. All the while the hope is that your pain symptoms gradually are eliminated while you return to your previous movement capability. Today we know that just being pain-free doesn't mean you're not at serious risk for another blowout. In fact, the research is clear that the 2 greatest predictors of a future injury are: 1) A previous injury 2) An asymmetry in mobility, strength or power ....

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  • Should You Worry If Your Kid Sleeps Until Noon?

    School is out, and the unstructured days of summer are here. Some kids have immediately chosen to fill a good chunk of their free time with sleep. And lots of it. We know that kids need roughly 9 hours of sleep per night to optimize their growth, both mentally and physically. We also know that during the school year they may be falling short of that number on a regular basis. So when your kid is stumbling out of bed at noon or even later, the most likely reason is because their body is trying to pay off its sleep debt from the last few months. Yes, that is actually a thing that you can do. A decade ago researchers at Stanford University used the mens' basketball team as ....

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  • Are You Forgetting This Key Part Of Your Speed & Conditioning Training?

    Think back to the last sporting event you watched. It could have been one of your kid's games, a college game, or even the pros. What percentage of the time do you think any given player was moving at 100% speed? What percent of the time did they stand still, walk or move at a jogging pace? Unless you were watching baseball, softball, or a linemen in football, I'll bet the two numbers you picked weren't close to adding up to 100%. In sports like ice hockey, field hockey, lacrosse, and soccer, just to name a few, there is a third category of movement that can best be described as 'cruising speed'. Cruising speed is fast movement, but not all out effort. It's not sprinting, ....

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  • Why Aren't You Testing Like The Pros?

    The pro sports industry generates $400 billion annually worldwide. Not million. Billion. And because the most successful teams have better attended games, higher merchandise sales, and receive extra revenue from hosting playoff games, there is a lot to gain by becoming a winning franchise. That in large part stems from bringing in the best players. Every sports fan knows that teams who draft well are better positioned to win titles. Before each draft, pro sports leagues now run combines to learn as much as possible about each player's talents. Many of the tests for speed, power, and strength I'm sure you seen or heard of: Vertical jumps Broad jumps 40 or 60 ....

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