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Those who choose to work with a trainer must first understand that the relationship is, like any other relationship, a two-way street. Both parties must do their part for it to work.

At Power Source, you can and should expect certain things from us all the time.

What You Can Expect From Us

Top Quality Training We as a staff have, collectively, over 30 years of experience training athletes (both kids & adults). We work together to sort through the best exercises, workouts, and training plans to meet our clients goals. This is an ongoing process that is continually evolving to produce better and better results for our clients.

Power Source also strives to provide the most effective training tools for our clients. From sprint-enhancement treadmills to Keiser Functional Trainers to a wide range of weight training and band resistance equipment, we are always looking for new tools to make our workouts more effective.

Road Maps To Help You Reach Your Unique Goals

Our athletes have available to them Performance Combines every 3-4 months that track their progress in flexibility, strength, power, and speed. This information is discussed in a one-on-one meeting with each athlete where we evaluate test scores, discuss nutrition goals, and set actions steps for the next 3-4 months so our Power Source kids have a plan to reach their long-term goals.

A similar goal-setting process is now in place for our adults. After all, why would you dedicate so much time and effort into working out if you didn’t have a plan in place to reach goals that matter to you?

Friendly, Client-Focused Trainers

We do not hire coaches that do not care first and foremost about the success and well-being of their clients. Our job is to teach you, provide you the best experience, and inspire you to do more than you could on your own.

I can’t say we never scream and yell at our facility, but when we do it is usually a release of enthusiasm and excitement because things are going so well. None of us needs another person tearing us down in our lives, we all need more people to lift us up. That is what our staff strives to achieve during every session.

Low-Stress Service

You also don’t need more stress in your life. We have worked hard over the years to make sure that every aspect of interacting with us is as easy as possible.

Membership signups are simple and straightforward.

Scheduling sessions is quick and easy.

Customer service issues are handled as quickly and as professionally as possible.

We are going to put you under enough physical stress from your workouts, why would we want to make anything else stressful on top of that???

What We Expect From You

Like we said, relationships are a two-way street. A Power Source member is fully expected to exhibit all of these qualities:

Dedicated To Your Own Success

There are going to be times when it is hard to get your workouts in because you are busy.

There will be times when you are a bit tired and the easy way to go is to just skip a day, or a week.

Those are not the habits of a true champion, and definitely not what we expect from our clients.

If you really are passionate about achieving your goals, then take the action steps necessary to rise above your competition. Step up when things get tough, and stay committed to the path of success.

Train Hard

Our sessions last one hour. That is enough time to make real change in yourself every time you come in.

But it only will happen if you challenge yourself to be a little better on everything you do.

Add more weight, move faster, hang in longer in your endurance drills…there is ALWAYS a way to get a little better.

Find them everywhere in your session, and let all those small steps forward add up to big progress over time.

Pay Attention To Detail Our job is to teach you how to train correctly, your job is to internalize it and use that information to do your drills correctly.

Often times in fitness people are more concerned with HOW MUCH when they should first be focused on HOW. We’ve worked with many elite athletes, ranging all the way up to the pro and Olympic level, and they all had a burning desire to learn first how to do their exercises perfectly. It’s no coincidence they went on to achieve elite success….attention to detail is another hallmark of a champion’s mindset.

Be A Great Team Player

Our youth classes consist of kids at a wide range of skill levels, ages, and sports.

Our adult classes have workout animals, people just getting back into fitness, and every level in between.

None of that matters, because we expect every Power Source member to treat everyone else as equals.

Show respect to your classmates, your trainers, and the facility.

Be a source of positive energy and enthusiasm.

And have a little fun when you can!

Build Your Skills One Step At A Time

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